Military Series

Rietveld Originals by Lensvelt

Invitation May 24, 2017 Rietveld Symposium with accompanying cocktail. 100 years De Stijl. The start of a special collaboration between Rietveld + Lensvelt. Following the Symposium we'd like to invite you to the Lensvelt Gallery, at the Herengracht 178, for an informal gathering.

1600 h.          Door open.

1615 h.          Welcome by Titus Darley en Hans Lensvelt.

1630 h.          Hans Beunderman.

Hans Beunderman addresses the fascination of the architect for the chair. The chair as a building. Is it a coincidence that the majority of design classics are designed by architects?

1700 h.          Jurjen Creman.

Jurjen Creman knows as no other Rietveld's oeuvre and craftsmanship as an architect, designer but especially as a furniture maker.

1730 h.          Jessica van Geel.

Jessica van Geel shows us how the relationship between Rietveld and his muse Truus Schroder influenced his work and life.


1800 h.          Cocktail.


2200 h.          Closing.  

The Symposium is intended for architects and architectural enthusiasts, is free, in Dutch and is held at Keizersgracht 126, 1015 CW te Amsterdam at the De Architekten Cie. Only 100 seats are available for the symposium. We therefore ask that you sign up at as soon as possible.

On the 100th anniversary of “De Stijl” Rietveld Original and Lensvelt are embarking on a unique collaboration: Lensvelt will become the exclusive distributor of the Military Series by Gerrit Rietveld for the corporate market.


The art movement “De Stijl” was founded by, amongst others, Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondriaan, and Bart van der Leck. Gerrit Rietveld joined the movement as an architect and furniture creator soon after its founding.


In 1923 he painted his iconic armchair in the primary colours red and blue and soon thereafter he built his famous Schröder house. In the same period Rietveld designed a series of furniture pieces for the Catholic Military Home (Katholiek Militair Tehuis) in Utrecht, using bolts and nuts to connect wooden elements rather than the traditional wooden dowel pins. Robust, strong and notable due to the use of cross beams and contrasting colours.

The collaboration between Rietveld Originals and Lensvelt will be celebrated on May 24th with a product presentation of the Military Series at Keizersgracht 126, 1015 CW te Amsterdam.


Symposium May 24th

Prior to the product presentation there will be a symposium on Gerrit Rietveld, featuring 3 speakers who will shine a light on Gerrit Rietveld – as a furniture maker, as a designer, and simply as a man. How did a carpenters son become the most famous architect and furniture designer of the Netherlands?

Jessica van Geel (Utrecht, 1973) is a cultural historian and journalist, writing for amongst other the NRC Handelsblad and Vrij Nederland. She was editor of the NRC-Saturday paper, and conducts and writes interviews. Currently she is working on a novel about Truus Schröder (1889-1985), who commissioned the Rietveld Schröderhuis. The book, from Lebowski publishers, is expected at the end of the year. During her research for this book Jessica reviewed  Rietveld and Schröder’s personal archives, and interviewed numerous people close to them. She is the first to write about the relationship between Rietveld and his muse.

Jessica van Geel exposes how this relationship affected Rietveld’s work and life.

Jurjen Creman is globally renowned for his work on and with Rietveld’s furniture. He is sought after by museums and collectors to evaluate, restore and maintain Rietveld collections. In this capacity, every iconic piece of Rietveld furniture has passed through Jurjen’s hands. Additionally he has extensively researched the technical aspects and construction methods applied by Rietveld. To fully understand the challenges faced by Rietveld resulting from his near impossible constructions, Jurjen has rebuilt various pieces himself.

Jurjen is the global expert on Rietveld’s works and his craftsmanship as an architect and designer, but above all as carpenter.

The curriculum of Prof. Ir. Hans Beunderman (Rotterdam, 1948) is elaborate. He graduated Cum Laude from the Technical University (TU) in Delft in Architecture. He has worked as an architect and urban developer in Finland and for his own firm Oosting & Beunderman in Utrecht. He has fulfilled various roles for the Planning & Housing Ministry, and earned an MBA in 1990 at the University of Rochester and Erasmus University Rotterdam. His role as dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering has allowed Beunderman to contribute to science and to nurture his passions for architecture and design. Testament to this is his care for the collection of chairs owned by the faculty, which he saved from a devastating fire. His most recent appointment was Vice Rector of the TU Delft.


Hans Beunderman will focus on the architects fascination  for the chair. The chair as a construction. Is it a coincidence that so many design classics were designed by architects? And what is the use of such a collection for students?

About Lensvelt

Lensvelt is more than just a furniture producer. Their mission is to provide architects and interior designers with the tools to create innovative interiors. Creativity is always the common denominator.

Lensvelt bridges the commercial world and innovative designers. The family company was founded in 1962 with the ambition to make design available for a larger audience. They see themselves as “The People’s Manufacturer”. In this vein, the Military Chair costs € 410,-, the Military Stool € 340,- and the Military table is available from € 1.510,-. (All prices excluding VAT and ex-work.)


About Rietveld Originals

RIETVELD Originals offers all Gerrit Rietveld furniture designs that are currently in production. Next to the currently available designs they are working on expanding the collection and reintroducing various designs. Together with designer Edward van Vliet RIETVELD originals is carefully examining old sketches and prototypes. This has allowed design classics to be brought back to life.